SPA Assitant is a Mobile Health SPA Selfmanagment System for the patient, using advanced, personalized search, health community support, feedback and health coaching functionalities to find and book appropriate spa and medical services for each spa cycle.

Such services will be based on the availability of easy-to-understand and comparable medical spa information and of quality systems for spa.

My status

Here is where you can find all your health data to measure against your healthcare goals. You can update them day by day. Various graphical displays help you to get a good overview of your current state of health.

Spa treatment

Here you will see a summary of all relevant information on the therapies you are currently using. You will also find all contact details for your therapists and doctors, as well as for the therapy groups you belong to.


Here you can find valuable information your state of health and on therapies that may be of benefit to you, tailored to your current state of health and prognosis. You can get more information on other recommended treatments.

My profile

Here you can write in and edit all relevant personal information on you and your family, as well as your insurance details and medical history. You can also control and manage what elements of this information you want to make available, and to whom.


You can use the calendar to coordinate appointments for the spa services you want to use, your home training programme, your nutrition plan, as well as for your therapy groups.

My services

Here you will find a summary of all the services available to you on your spa visit. Also to be found here is information on your personal contacts for organising your travel and spa stay, as well as on available accommodation.

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